Pink Dolphin Data 2

Pink Dolphin Data 2

Ancestors: Ancestors of Pink Dolphins were a relatively successful marine group, but were displaced during the Miocene period by the appearance of more advanced delphinids. Inia may
have entered the Amazon from the Pacific Ocean approximately 15 million years ago, or from the Atlantic Ocean between 1.8 million and 5 million years ago. Their long beaks (often lined
with tiny hairs), small eyes, disproportionately large flippers and highly flexible bodies -- once considered "primitive" features -- are now recognized as specialized adaptions to a complex environment.

Soltalia fluviatlis is a warm-water coastal species distributed from the eastern coast of Central America down along the northeastern coast of South America. No one knows for sure when
some of these delphinids began to occupy and adapt to freshwater river systems. They are one of the few delphinid species which can move freely between fresh, brackish, and marine waters.
Intelligence: The intelligence of Amazon River dolphins has not been extensively tested. Their encephalization quotient (the ratio of brain mass to body weight) compares favorably with that
of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops). The gray dolphins tend to be more "cautious" than the pink dolphins, perhaps because of their small size and very delicate skin. On the other hand, Inia
is known for its highly developed sense of curiousity and it rapidly associates with man in a variety of serious and playful ways.
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